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Knowledge would no end. We always feel never enough to know much. But I think we are agree that even not much, if we share to one other, we will have some more knowledge that we do not know before and do not know where we have to look for.

I often think how mechanical engineers with other related disciplines develops and develops with their knowledge to produce equipment that able to share to minimize or decelerate ambient warming and share to accelerate quality of life for which much country seem needed.



  1. I really like your information which is in this blog. and I’d like to be your freind.
    I’m Korean and live in Seoul.

    • Hi Jung,

      How are you? Very glad to read your comment. Don’t hesitate to continue your correspondence by email either comment in the blog.

      • Hi Jensapardi, I am interested in your excel spreadsheets for the reciprocating and centrifugal compressors calculations and would appreciate it if you could please send it to me. Thanks.

      • Hi Francis, I’m happy you have visited to this blog. A moment ago I had just sent you 2 files you required. Good luck & regards, Jen

  2. Hi Jensapardi
    I like your Blog. I did not find such a blog since years. thanks for all the information. I’m Tareq from EGYPT and I live in Alexandria. I hope to meet you sometime.

    • Hi Tareq,   Thank you for the comment. Yes, hopely like this. Let me know if you have any other idea to upgrade or develope this blog for better appearance or content.

  3. hi Jensapardi,
    you have a nice and helpful blog. I’m an italian engineer trying to model an air compressor filling a tank. it’s a problem way more complex than I figured when I started.
    can I ask you a couple of things related?
    thank you for the attention and congratulation again for the blog.
    best regards
    Pierpaolo Principe

    • Hi Pier, I’m freely and welcome for discussion. Kindly please email me your question or topic direct to this address. But I’m available at night only [: )), so sometime, the reply may be at  tomorrow than. With regards, Jen

  4. dear friend I didn’t receive the email address so I’m posting here?
    thanks for your kind and fast reply

  5. Hi Jensapardi,
    Your Blog is great. I am an engineer Thailand. I work in water treatment plant. I just download your post and will study it. If i have a question, can i ask you next time. I will be a follow too. Thank again.

    • Hi Khew, Thank you very much for visiting this blog and thanks for following. You can ask me excel format for calculation sheet if you need and discuss it direct through this blog and through this email address. With regards, Jenh Sapardi

  6. Dear Jensapardi,
    Thanks! for your generous sharing. Your information is very valuable and helps me in my work

    • Hi Wong,

      You can also ask me to send excel files for calculation if you want.

      With regards


  7. Pengantar yang sangat bagus Pak

    • Pak Uum, thanks for visiting and the comment.

      With regards,


  8. Hi jensapardi,
    How do I reference your wind turbine pdf I mean under what name?

    • Hi Jaj,

      Please very sorry, I don’t develop wind turbine article and calculation. Till now this blog just contain steam turbine even I also interest in wind turbine. Could somebody share article or information to this blog?

      Best regards,


  9. I appreciate your effort

  10. I appreciate your effort.

  11. Greetings Mr. Jensapardi,

    Can you please send me the spreadsheets for centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.

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