Flow in Pipe

The following articles are about how to calculate pressure drop of  fluid flowing along pipe and it’s components.

Fluid flow in pipe

Control Valve

If you request in xls file, please email me at “jen_sapardi@yahoo.com”




    • Hi, here is flow in pipe calculation sheets. Regards, Jen

  2. Hello JENSAPARDI!!!! i have a question: Where did you get the information about the Pressure drop calculation sheet for liquid?

    • Hi Kenny, I got from anywhere. Is there any thing you want to correct it or is there any mistake in the calculation ? Herewith I send the excel file where you can try to calculate pressure drop for liquid and gas. With regards, Jen Sapardi

      • No i dont find any mistake, just wanted to know the source of the information, is that I need to introduce the literature on work. but thanks anyway.

      • You welcome. I’ll inform you, but may not all.

  3. Pak Jensapardi,
    Would you share the spreadsheet in excel to me?


    • Dear Pak Sutaryono, Thanks for visiting to this website. My pleasure to send you excel files for Flow in Pipe. Hope will be useful for you. Best regards, Jen Sapardi

  4. Moody diagram now is in equation

  5. hello Jen,
    Will you send me the excel file for flow in pipe, also like to know if you have the equation for moody diagram?

    • Hi Imman,

      Thanks for the comment. I will send calculation for fluid flow in pipa. In the file also has Moody Diagram Equations.

      Best regards,


  6. Salam Kenal Pak Jen ,

    Boleh di share spreadsheets nya ?

    Terima kasih sebelumnya,

    Yusuf Sugiantoro.

    • Thank you Pak Yusuf, files will be sent to you.



  7. Dear sir

    I am Vinoth Kumar from India Working as Engineer – Power Projects. I am working for past 2 years in utility works for power projects. I was amazed by seeing your blog. Thanks for sharing the valuable information in word press.it needs lot of time to dedicate on it.

    I am having shell Design Engineering Procedures and Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedures for Process Equipment i can forward to your mail.

    I need a guide sheets for Pumps,Compressor and Turbine in excel sheets. pls send it to vinoth.s@hotmail.com



  8. Dear Sir,

    Thank you thank you thank you for the support. You have done very good and hard work for developing these sheets.

    I am really thankful to you.



  9. Dear Pak Jen,

    Boleh di share spreadsheet nya Pak? Alamat email saya gunawan205@gmail.com. Saya mendapat tugas untuk menghitung pressure drop pada jalur pipa distribusi air pendingin di salah satu pabrik di Tangerang.

    Terima kasih sebelumnya.


    • Dear Pak Gunawan,   Files has been sent to the address.   BR,   Jen


  10. Dear Visitors,
    I have made excel sheet for “Easy and faster reading of ASME/ANSI B16.5 flanges”. If you interest you can ask me. If you know design pressure and temperature, then you can see which flange rating is appropriate.
    Best regards,

  11. dear sir
    Could you please send me the xls for Flow in pipe, compressor and pump.
    my email adress is losmoscasbr@yahoo.com.br

    • Dear Losmoscas, Please very sorry for late response. Files will be sent. From: Mechanical Engineering in Process Equipments To: jen_sapardi@yahoo.com Sent: Friday, May 8, 2015 7:19 AM Subject: [Mechanical Engineering in Process Equipments] Comment: “Flow in Pipe” #yiv6136011910 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6136011910 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6136011910 a.yiv6136011910primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6136011910 a.yiv6136011910primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6136011910 a.yiv6136011910primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6136011910 a.yiv6136011910primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6136011910 WordPress.com | | |

  12. Dear Sir ,

    Must say , excellent job done by you .Will you send me the excel file for flow in pipe at somen_m@yahoo.com

  13. Dear Jen,
    Could you please send me the spreadsheet both centrifuge and reciprocating compressor?
    my email is abuhafsh007@gmail.com

    thanks for your sharing.


  14. Dear Jen:

    I really appreciate your efforts in sharing knowledge with us.
    Could you please share the control valve and fluid flow in pipe spreadheet,
    Thank you very much, My email is emc0406@hotmail.com
    Best Regards,


  15. Dear Sir, I would like to have Excel work sheet which will enable me to perform some calculations of piping and valves .
    Thanks so much.

  16. Please send me your calculations of piping and valves. Thanhks.

  17. I did not know: Have you read my comments? Please send me your calculations of piping and valves. Thanhks.

  18. Many thaks for your great website and for sharing all those information. May I request the piping and valves excel files?

    Thanks in advance,


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