You can select the following articles about steam turbine,

1. Steam turbine

2. Attachment A.

3. Attachment B.

    Calculation for Steam Consumption

    Calculation for Output Power

4. Attachment C.

If you need in excel file (xls) please email me at “jen_sapardi@yahoo.com”



  1. Pak, bisa saya minta file excell untuk perhitungan steam trubin dan centrifugal compressor? Terima kasih sebelumnya. Info-nya sangat bermanfaat…

    • Dengan hormat bapak Syarif di PT Pupuk Kujang, Sesuai permintaan bapak, terlampir kami sampaikan file excel untuk compressor dan steam turbine. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat. Apabila ada hal yang ingin didiskusikan mohon tidak sungkan untuk email atau comment disini. Salam, Jen Sapardi

  2. SIR,


    • Hi Varun, Turbine calculation sheet has been sent to you. Regards, Jen

  4. plz do send me all the calculations in excel sheet

    • Hi Ahmad Khan, Thank you for the attention, herewith I send the calculation you required. Hope will be useful for you.

  5. Sir,

    Please send me excel sheet at mtgpk2002@yahoo.co.in.

    • Hi, Herewith we send you excel file for turbine. This file is not protected. You can modify as you want to, but is suggested to save the original in any separate folder. My name is Jen Sapardi. You ?

  6. Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this.

  7. Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

  8. Sir,

    I need Turbine Calculation sheet in excel.

  9. Dear Sir, I would like to have n Excel work sheet which will enable me to perform some calculations pertaining to steam turbines. Will you be able to send me on the following address:


    I thank you in advance for taking this reply to due consideration.

    Kind regards,


    • I would be grateful to you Sir, if you could help me in doing calculations on a 90 MW steam turbine.

      Kind regards,


  10. Pak Jen, I had sent an email request for excel files on your yahoo id.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Could you email me Excel file (Calculation / selection) for compressor/ pump/ turbine?

    thanks and regards,

  12. Dear Sir,

    Can u send me the excel file of the turbine.


  13. Great article sir…after reading my doubts are cleared.
    sir please send me the excel calculations sheet.
    God bless you!!!!!

    • Hi Chandesh,Thank you for the visiting to this blog. Please wait for couple days for turbine calculation sheets for steam turbine. Good luck

  14. Dear Sir,

    its really great artical. could you email me the turbine calculation sheets in excel format?

    thanks in advance for your valuable support.

    TC and have nice time.



  15. very useful article sir… and good information…..i am really thankful to you sir…
    sir please send me the excel calculations sheet.
    God bless you!!!!!

  16. Dear Sir,

    Informative and good for understanding the basics.
    request to send calculation sheets in in xcel. thanks in advance.

  17. Hi
    Figure 7. Back Pressure and Condensing Turbine describe the exit condition of condensing turbine. I need to know the range of steam exhaust condition from such turbine. As shown in the figure P = 0.01 bar and T= -60 deg. celcius, am i reading it correct. I want to confirm the data also if there is any data sheet for it.

    Thank you.

  18. I would like to know more on exhaust steam condition for condensing turbine. Possibly calculations or data sheet.

  19. SIR,

  20. I would be grateful if you could send me the turbine calculations in EXCEL. I need them in order to verify some of my calculations. Thank you for your help in advance

  21. Dear Sir,

    Could you email me Excel file (Calculation / selection) for compressor/ pump/ turbine?


    • Hi Said,

      Thanks for visiting. Let me send those files to you. Please wait.


  22. Thank you very much for your help

    • You welcome Said.

      And to dear visitors, I have update calculation for centrifugal compressor. The update is self fill for Z factor, Efficiency curves and gas properties. By this update we can reduce time to read those tables and curves.

      Now I also in updating steam turbine calculation sheet. Mr. Dimitrios provide me formula for steam properties. So, we can run without reading Mollier diagram that may takes time and also reading error.

      Don’t hesitate to ask me.


  23. hello Jen

    Hope you are doing well. My name is tareq , I like your blog. I had been searching for such data for long time. I work as a mechanical engineer in Alexandria, in the field of turbomachinery maitenance. Could you please send me the excel sheets for turbines, compressors and pumps.

    Thanks in advance for your effort.

    • Hi Tareq, How are you? The steam turbine calculation has been updated. Due to inserted program in those sheets for steam data, file size become bigger and look heavy to be sent in one file. By this reason, I split the file become 3 separated files. Those files shall run in “macro”. So kindly allow macro and move down the security level. Because security level is lower, better if you run this files without internet connection to prevent any viruses. Or any method to prevent viruses that you may be more understand than me. Hope will be usefull for you. With regards, Jen

  24. Hello Jen,
    I want to commend your efforts and service to the engineering community in making your knowledge available to all. I work in process R&D and your turbine calculation tool would be invaluable to me. Would you be so kind as to send them to me? Thanks!

    • Hi Boby, I’am so happy with your comments. Thanks. KindlyI send the calculation for steam turbine you ask for. Please note that these files run in macro. Good Luck.

      • Hi Jen, Did you send the worksheets already? I haven’t received anything yet. Hope you can send them soon. Thanks again!

      • Hi Bobby, I have sent them. Okay, let me try one file and other files in another email.

  25. salam pak.saya senang sekali bisa menemukan blog bagus ini.
    kami semua yang membaca ini bisa terbantu di kerjaan kami. dengan ini kami berterima kasih dengan kesudihan bapak membagi ilmunya sedikit.
    mudah mudahan bapak masih punya banyak waktu luang membagikan ilmu dan pengalaman nya ke kami.

    • Pak Roy, Terimakasih, kami senang sekali bapak menunjungi blog ini. Terlampir adalah file xls untuk turbin. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat adanya. Salam, Jen

  26. salam pak, dengan hormat saya ucapkan terimakasih atas bantuan ilmunya dalam bentuk file. ini sangat bermanfaat bagi kami. saya akan membagi ilmu ini seperti bapak membagi ilmunya kepada saya.karena saya setuju sekali dengan pemikiran bapak “if we share to one other, we will have some more knowledge that we do not know before and do not know where we have to look for.” sekali lagi saya ucapkan banyak terimakasih, semoga bapak diberkati dan diberi panjang umur oleh Tuhan.

    • Baik pak Roy. Excel file untuk turbin ini harus dijalankan dalam macro. Salam

  27. Salam kenal Pak Jen
    Terima kasih banyak info2nya, blog bapak sangat berguna bagi saya..


    • Terimakasih Pak Faisal. Salam kenal juga. Terimakasih telah lihat-lihat blog kami. Apa yang dapat kami bantu? With regards, Jen Sapardi

  28. terima kasih pak atas file xls untuk flow in pipe. sudah saya terima pak.saya senang sekali atas perhatian bapak untuk kami yang muda ini

  29. I am Frederic from France and I would like to congratulate you very much and thank you very much for the great work you have done on your website. More than extremely clear, the content is also very well explained and very clear. I really appreciate your work and would like to request the 3 excel files if I may.

    One more time thank you.

    Kind Regards,


    • Dear Frederic, Thank you verymuch for visiting to this website. Herewith attached are excel files you request. Those files run in macro. Merry Christmas and Happy New Tear 2013. With regards, Jen Sapardi

  30. Hi Jensapardi,
    Appreciate if you could send me the steam turbine calculation sheet. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ed, Happy New Year.. Attached are calculation sheet for steam turbine. There are 3 files. Those files run in macro. With regards, Jen Sapardi

  31. Hi Jen, kindly provide turbine calculation excel files to below email:


    thanks in advance!!!!!

    • Hi Jetul, How are you. It has been long time since your last comment.. I hope everything are fine. With regards, Jen

  32. Mas saya minta tolong ,, untuk perhitungan compresor centrifugal ,ditinjau secara isentropic,politripic dan isotermal.. mohon bantuane nggeh mas.. matur nuwunn.. ,

    • Dh Pak Hendra, Terimakasih telah mengunjungi blog ini.Terlampir disampaikan calculation sheet untuk centrifugal compressor. Email berikutnya akan kami sertakan untuk reciprocating compressor. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat. Salam hormat,

  33. Dear Pak Jen,
    Bolehkah saya file excel untuk perhitungan steam turbine?
    Infonya sangat bermanfaat sekali pak.


    • Dear Pak Sandy, Surely Pak Sandy, attached are files for steam turbine calculation A and B. Calculation C will in next email. These files must be run in macro. Please activate macro in your excel before use. Hope will be useful for you. Best regards, Jen Sapardi

  34. Dear Sir,
    Please mail the Excel sheet files for Impulse Steam Turbine calculation on email

    • Hi Sampanna, Your email direct to my email address has also received well. Thank you for visiting to this blog. Files will be sent to you after this. Calculation includes:- Impulse (Curtis and Rateau blades) for back pressure and condensing- Impulse + Reaction for straight condensing turbines- Impulse + Reaction for extraction and/or admission condensing turbine With regards,

  35. dear bapak … would like to send me turbine calculation excel ?
    ricky dwitama

    • Dear Pak Ricky,

      Thank you for the comments. Kindly I will send calculation sheets for turbine.

      With regards


  36. ijin download doc ya pak siapa tau bisa disebarkan ilmunya utk org lain

  37. can you kindly send steam turbine calculations in excel file.

    • Dear Ravite, Thanks for your comment. File will be sent to you. Please note that those files shall be run in macro. You can set the sheet to accept macro. Hope will be useful for you. Best regards, Jen Sapardi

  38. Could I also ask for Excel file? Best regards!

    • Why not? Let me send those files to you With regards, Jen

      • Did You send me this file? I didn’t recive any mail from You

      • Hi Tom,

        Howcome? I have sent you files all for turbine 2 time. First on 2/7/2013 and 2’nd on 17/7/2013. Your email address is tm_tm@o2.pl, sorry about this. Anyway I’ll try again. Does your pc is protected from specific email or any other restriction (may be)? Please check. Five minute after this reply I will re-send you the files.

        With regards,


  39. Unfortunately my e-mail server is empty (and working correctly 100%). Can I find link to this file anywhere?

    • OK Tom, I;ll try with another my email address.

  40. Dear Sir,


    Could you email me Excel file (Calculation / selection) for compressor/ pump/ turbine?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Santosh,

      Ok, I sent for turbine. Next will be compressor and pumps

      With regards,


  41. Dear Sir,


    thanks for emailing me the excel file for centrifugal compressor. could you email me the rest of the files of pump ( reciprocating & centrifugal) and turbine ?

    • Dear Santosh, files for steam turbine and centrifugal compressor has been sent to you. Hope has been received well by you. Pumps is still in updating. Will be sent soon when finish.

      Best regards,


  42. Pak, boleh saya minta file excel untuk turbin uap dan pompanya?

    • Dear Hendra,

      Thank you for emailing. Kindly please wait. I will send the files.

      Best regards,

      Jen Sapardi

  43. plz do send me all the calculations in excel sheet

    • Hello James,

      OK, files in excel sheets will be sent to you.

      Best regards,


    • Please note for allowing macro to use steam turbine calculation. There is formula inserted in the file for steam properties data reading formulas.

  44. dear bapak.Hope you can send me turbine file in excel format. Thank you.

  45. Dear Pak Jen,

    Apakah sy bisa di-share calculation sheet untuk perhitungan steam turbine – nya. Spreadsheet ini akan sangat berguna bagi kami dalam menganalisis performance dari turbin kami.
    Perkenalkan sy Nurdin Riyanto, Jr. Engineer di PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical, Tbk.
    Terimakasih atas bantuannya.


    • Dear Pak Nurdin,

      Bisa pak. File-file yang dimaksud sudah kami kirimkan.

      Best regards,


  46. Dear Sir,

    Thank you thank you thank you for the support. You have done very good and hard work for developing these sheets.

    I am really thankful to you.



  47. dear sir
    Could you please send me the xls for the STEAM TURBINE CALCULATION SHEET, OUTPUT POWER, as also C.V. pressure drop for steam.
    my email adress is kvassilopoulos@hotmail.com

    thank you,

  48. plz do send me all the calculations in excel sheet.

    • Hi Kwangsu, file will be sent BR, Jen


  49. Dear Pak Jen,
    Apakah bisa saya dikirimkan file excel untuk perhitungan turbin, pompa dan control valve?

    Terima kasih,

    Yusman Eka Prana

  50. Dear Pak Yusman,
    Ok pak Yusman, file akan dikirmkan bertahap. Untuk Turbine, excel harus di run dalam macro.

  51. Yth. Pak Jen,
    Kami punya masalah yaitu seal oil di compressor masuk ke proses shg konsumsi oil jadi boros dan juga oil yg ikut aliran proses mengganggu pemisahan produk. Level oil trap susah terbentuk. Kalau berkenam mohon saran atau solusinya pak, apa saja kemungkinan penyebabnya?



  52. Dear Pak Agus,

    Thanks for sharing, kindly let us discuss direct to my email, probably need some file for detail of the compressor seal oil.

    Best regards,


  53. Salam hormat Pak Jen
    Perkenalkan saya Ariandi dari PT. Pupuk Iskandar Muda. Saya sangat tertarik dengan tulisan di blog Bapak. Apakah saya bisa di-share calculation sheet xls untuk perhitungan steam turbine dan compressor. ini sangat membantu pekerjaan saya.

    Terima kasih.

    • Salam kembali Pak Ari,   Calculation sheet yang dimaksud akan saya kirimkan setelah ini.   BR,   Jen


  54. Dear sir,
    could you send me excel calculation sheet for turbine?

    • Dear Georgy, Thank you for visiting, files will be sent to you. There will be 4 files. BR, Jen


  55. Salam hormat pak Jen,

    Mohon share file excell cara hitung turbin & kompresor.


    • Dear Pak Agus,   Baik pak Agus, file akan saya kirimkan.   BR, Jen


  56. Could you send me excel calculation sheet for steam turbines? Thanks.

    • Dear Losmoscas,   Thank you for visiting. OK, files will be sent.   Thanks, Jen


  57. Pak, saya bisa minta file excell untuk perhitungan steam trubin dan centrifugal compressor? Terima kasih sebelumnya. Infonya sangat bermanfaat…

    • Dear Franky, Baik pak Franky, file akan dikirimkan 2 x Salam, Jen


  58. Sir, Please send the turbine design calculation sheet in xls format, which must be included with extracted and extracted & admitted steam turbine.

    • Dear Syed, Files has been sent to you. BR, Jen


  59. Respected Sir

    Can you send me Excel sheet for steam turbine calculations.
    I shall be very very thank full to you. Can you help me . My mail ID is ysaini2008@gmail.com



  60. hello na you send me the xls files for de steam turbine for the stand alone turbine. thaks sir jorel1978@gmail.com

    • Dear Joaquim, Files has been sent. Thanks for visiting. BR,Jen

  61. SIR,
    I need Turbine calculation in XLS at somen_m@yahoo.com .
    Hope some day we meet and to say , your great contribution .

  62. Dear Jen,
    It’s been a great contribution that you have done for all of us.
    Could you please send me excel calculation sheets for steam turbines at vinhthanhdo.77@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  63. Thanks for your sharing. Please send me excel sheet at gwangyu.roh@gmail.com

  64. Dear Pak Jen
    Saya sangat tertarik dengan model perhitungan kompresor, mohon untuk mengirm spreadsheet centrifugal dan reciprocating ke email saya.

    Terima kasih


  65. Dear Jen,
    Could you please send me excel calculation sheets for steam turbines at ramumaddi@gmail.com
    Thank you
    Maddi Ramu

  66. Dear Jen,
    Could you please send me excel calculation sheets for stand alone steam turbines at ramumaddi@gmail.com
    Thank you
    Maddi Ramu

  67. plz do send me all the calculations in excel sheet of compressor, turbine and pump.
    Thanks so much

  68. hi can yu send me the excel please

  69. Dear Jen,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on your blog and for such great information. I would greatly appreciated if you could send me the file.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


  70. Hi, we have some school work about steam turbines, do you have any calculations in Excel for steam turbine wing design? I’d be happy to have some advice, can’t seem to find anything from the internet for this.

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